Latest products unboxing for office and outdoors. Tests of 3d printer and PC.
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  • 01:25 “Spot Me Up” | The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics

    “Spot Me Up” | The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics

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    40 years ago, The Rolling Stones debuted their iconic Tattoo You album. We're helping them celebrate. ‘Start Me Up’ taken from Tattoo You 2021: in collaboration with Mercury Studios, Polydor Records &

  • 01:21 The Future of Asset Management is Mobile

    The Future of Asset Management is Mobile

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    What if you could have 100x more information about your industrial sites? Agile mobile robots like Spot bring sensors to your assets in order to collect data and generate critical insights on asset health so you can optimize performance. Dynamic sensing u

  • 02:11 High Voltage Spot Inspections at National Grid

    High Voltage Spot Inspections at National Grid

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    Energy giant National Grid is using Spot to keep employees safe and ensure uptime at a critical facility.National Grid introduced Spot into the thyristor hall at Sandy Pond Converter Station just a few days before the facility’s shutdown period. The robot

  • 02:56 Spot at Kidd Creek Mine

    Spot at Kidd Creek Mine

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    Spot performs inspection in the Kidd Creek Mine, enabling operators to keep their distance from hazards.Kidd Creek Mine is an underground base metal mine north of Timmins, Ontario, Canada. It is owned and operated by Swiss multinational Glencore Inc. Kidd

  • 01:06 Atlas | Partners in Parkour

    Atlas | Partners in Parkour

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    Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy act

  • 05:50 Inside the lab: How does Atlas work?

    Inside the lab: How does Atlas work?

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    Go behind the scenes at Boston Dynamics with the Atlas Team as we work to train multiple Atlas robots to maneuver their way through our most complex parkour course yet. The team pushes Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perce

  • 01:00 Spot Construction Solution

    Spot Construction Solution

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    Spot provides autonomous data capture for construction. Learn more at

  • 01:18 Spot's On It

    Spot's On It

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    We’re thrilled to be part of the Hyundai Motor Group! And we’re celebrating with a dance to BTS's "IONIQ: I'm On It."Read the behind the scenes story of the dance: out the video of BTS meeting Spot: htt

  • 03:22 Search for Life

    Search for Life

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    Is, or was, there life beyond Earth? For years, NASA has looked for signs of life on other planets. Now, they're one step closer. Here's how our partner @NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s autonomy and AI system, NeBula, enables Spot and a team of robots to

  • 01:18 A Year with Spot

    A Year with Spot

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    One year ago, Spot graduated from its early adopter program and began shipping out to workplaces around the world. From construction sites and power plants to mines and universities, today Spot is up-and-running at hundreds of facilities. And working side

  • 02:01 Introducing Stretch

    Introducing Stretch

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    Meet Stretch, a prototype of our new robot designed to automate box moving tasks in warehouses and distribution centers. Stretch’s mobile base allows it to go to where repetitive box lifting is required - unloading trucks, building pallets of boxes and or

  • 41:11 Launch Event: Meet Spot's Expanded Product Line

    Launch Event: Meet Spot's Expanded Product Line

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    We're excited to reveal the latest in Spot's expanded product line. Join us live on Tuesday, February 2nd @ 11 am EST, to hear how these products will extend Spot's value for autonomous inspection and data collection.

  • 01:45 Meet Spot Enterprise

    Meet Spot Enterprise

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    Deploy Spot for autonomous inspection and data collection on hazardous and remote sites.Learn more at today's live stream or visit our website at

  • 02:12 Spot's Got an Arm!

    Spot's Got an Arm!

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    Now that Spot has an arm in addition to legs and cameras, it can do mobile manipulation. It finds and picks up objects (trash), tidies up the living room, opens doors, operates switches and valves, tends the garden, and generally has fun. Motion of the ha

  • 02:55 Do You Love Me?

    Do You Love Me?

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    Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

  • 01:30 With you, Spot can

    With you, Spot can

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    Spot, the nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, is now available for purchase to businesses in the U.S. Use Spot for documenting construction progress, reducing risk to people in dangerous environments, or ot