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3D Printing - What is it and How Does it Work? (in 75 sec)

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Learn what 3D printing is and how 3D printing works. In this video, we’ll explain the basics of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

0:00 What is 3D printing?
In this first part of the video, we’ll discuss what 3D printing is. 3D printing refers to a variety of processes in which 2-dimensional layers of material are deposited and joined, one upon the next, to form 3-dimensional objects. This process is also known as additive manufacturing.

0:21 How does 3D printing work?
In the second part of the video, we’ll teach you how a 3D printer works. The 3D printing process always begins with a digital 3D model that is converted into an STL file. This model is then sliced by the 3D printer's software into thin, 2-dimensional layers and turned into a set of instructions for the 3D printer to execute.

0:38 Next, we’ll briefly talk about the different 3D printers such as FDM 3D printers, metal 3D printers and SLS 3D printers.

0:58 Finally, you’ll learn how long it takes for a 3D printer to print a 3D printed part and we’ll mention that a 3D print often needs post-processing after the 3D printing process is complete.

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