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A Winning Combination for Your Weekly Pool Care!

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Because of the rampant inflation, we are experiencing in the industry new methods of weekly pool care need to be searched out to offset the high cost of chlorine and muriatic acid as well as the shortage of both. But many sports teams have paved the way by discovering that you need not one but two or three Superstars to win a championship in Football, Basketball, and Baseball among other elite sports.

00:00 Intro
01:43 Salt Water Generator & Borates
05:21 Trichlor Tablets Combo
10:00 Cal Hypo Tablet Combo
12:09 Some Combos don’t work
13:30 SWG, UV , Ozone
15:30 Phosphate Remover Enzymes
16:48 Airbnb Combo

What does a winning team for your pool look like? The old days of loading up a floater of chlorinator with 3” Trichlor tablets are no longer the easiest or cheapest method of pool care. That is kind of like giving one Superstar player a huge salary and then you can’t afford any other free-agent players. You can spread your chemical cost instead over two or three products to make things easier and also help you with your pool budget. Here are some good examples for you.

Trichlor, PoolRx & Borates (50 ppm)
Trichlor, Phosphate Remover, and Enzymes
Trichlor, Enzymes, and Borates

Cal Hypo Tablets, Liquid Chlorine, and Borates
Cal Hypo Tablets, Liquid Chlorine, and PoolRX
Cal Hypo Tablets, Liquid Chlorine, and Nature2

Salt Water Generator (SWG), Borates and PoolRx
SWG, Borates, and Enzymes
SWG, Borates
SWG, Ozone, UV

Liquid Chlorine, Trichlor Tablets, and PoolRX
Liquid Chlorine, Trichlor, and Borates
Liquid Chlorine Feeder & Borates
Liquid Chlorine Feeder & PoolRx
Liquid Chlorine, UV, Ozone

Cal Hypo Shock, Trichlor and PoolRX
Cal Hypo shock, Trichlor, and Nature2
Cal Hypo Shock, Borates, Trichlor shock
Cal Hypo shock, Trichlor, Phosphate Remover & Enzymes

Pentair IntelliChem, PoolRx
Pentair IntelliChem, Borates

Chlorine Genie, PoolRx
Chlorine Genie, Borates

These combinations are pretty endless but you don’t want two All-Star Point Guards on the same team so I wouldn’t use liquid chlorine and Cal Hypo shock as a combination since each is a great primary sanitizer. The same with Cal Hypo Tablets and Trichlor Tablets since both are slow-release types f chlorine. You also would not need the PoolRX with a Nature2 since both do about the same thing. Hopefully, you get the idea.

The truth is the days of adding 3-4 gallons of liquid chlorine are a thing of the past since the price point has tripled over the past two years. Same with loading a pool up with Trichlor tablets. There are much better methods and any of the above combos can make your pool care easier and also save you time and money on your pool care.

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