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Is Intel ARC REALLY Cancelled? - WAN Show July 29, 2022

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
2:13 Intro
2:42 Topic #1 - Intel's "allegedly cancelled" Arc
6:12 Moore's Law Is Dead's notes on the leak
8:42 Rumored leaks of internal Intel conversations
10:20 Discussing the road map, product releases
12:10 Linus on Intel's Larrabee, comparing to Arc
13:16 Optane removed, LMG & rumors, expenses of a project
17:42 Luke wanted a competitive GPU ft. Linus's theory
19:50 Linus on Alchemist, Tel Aviv tour & silicon costs
23:46 Intel's fab would take long, chipset funding
24:56 LTTStore's Stealth Hoodie Pro
27:13 Backpack to become purchasable by next mid-week
28:20 Deal of the Week - free LTTStore tote bag
29:01 Sponsor - AMD
30:11 Sponsor - SecretLab
31:22 Sponsor - Ubiquiti' ft. Dennis seeing naked Linus
33:22 Topic #2 - OverKill reaches out to LMG
33:48 Explaining the cease & desist
35:28 "I'm not threatening you" was due to harassed wife
36:08 COVID causing delays, website overhaul & orders
37:48 NDA, recording builds for content
38:29 Are Linus & Luke on OverKill's side now?
40:56 Merch Messages #1
41:08 Right-to-repair for LTTStore, screwdriver design, WAN LAN
49:01 Linus testing radio signals
50:54 Linus is planning to go to Backstreet Boys
52:03 Updates on the 64oz LTTStore bottles
52:39 Using the LTTStore desk pad as a bed rug & wall hangings
53:12 Formula E & racing technologies
54:09 LTTStore screwdriver holster
55:08 LTTStore shorts mesh lining, Linus shows prototype belt
56:54 Travel & packing tips
58:52 Monitor is fine, but the PC setup struggles
1:00:15 Preventing companies from killing & withdrawing products
1:02:05 Intel's Arc issues Are the executives misunderstanding?
1:03:48 Linus on having his children continuing his legacy
1:05:40 What LMG does to take care of employees
1:10:25 Silence-oriented internal GPU enclosure
1:12:23 Is Linus afraid of the recession affecting LMG's growth?
1:14:24 Linus Dbranding a house, which design to go for
1:14:54 Use cases of virtual machines for homes
1:17:07 Optical disk drive class-action lawsuit
1:17:50 Particular ChannelSuperFun activity that stood up
1:19:53 CallMeKris's 6-hour video collab
1:24:29 Are certificates like CompTIA A+ needed anymore?
1:25:55 Linus's home & pool progress update
1:27:08 Most risk in growing LMG
1:27:36 Wireless earpods, Apple's AirPods
1:28:48 Dream YouTube collabs that Linus would enjoy
1:29:44 Outro

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