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I've Developed the Perfect Wood Finish

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After weeks of intense research I've come up with the perfect formula for finishing my woodworking projects. Brought to us by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

I'm only selling this finish to Patreon members (at cost) to gather feedback at the moment. It will only ship via ground USPS in the United States. Shipping is delayed as I'm gathering the necessary certificates to ship hazardous materials (ethanol). Also due to shipping constraints of corrosive materials, I will need to reduce the size from 25oz to 16oz. Patreon members also get early and ad-free videos, behind the scenes videos as well as access to our private Discord.

Disclaimer: I am neither a chemist, a scientist, nor an expert in any field. Your safety is your own responsibility. Please do not take my words as fact; instead, conduct your own research. Always take all necessary precautions when handling unknown substances. This video is intended solely for entertainment purposes.

75% Boiled Linseed Oil / 25% Shellac
To make a 25oz mixture use 18oz of BLO mixed with 6oz of shellac. Technically the shellac and BLO will not fully incorporate. This is a good thing! This allows the BLO to soak down into the wood while the shellac remains on the surface for a more protective finish. You will need to shake this mixture very well before each use. It is very important that used rags are properly dried because they can spontaneously combust!!
1. Shake well.
2. Rub elixir into wood with a lint free rag.
3. After 15 minutes wipe off any standing oil.
4. Set out used rags to dry before discarding.
5. Wait 24 hours and apply wax.
6. Make more stuff.

★ PART 2 WAX ★
1 part carnauba Wax / 1 part beeswax / 4 parts boiled linseed oil / 2 parts citrus solvent.
To make 12 fluid ounces of this wax you'll need to melt in a double boiler 1 oz by weight of beeswax, 1 oz by weight of carnauba wax, 4 oz by weight of boiled linseed oil and 2 oz by weight of citrus solvent.
1. Rub on with grey Scotch-Brite pad. Wait 30 minutes.
2. Rub off with white Scotch-Brite pad. Enjoy for a lifetime.

★ PRODUCTS USED (Affiliate Links) ★
Pure Swedish Boiled Linseed Oil:
De-Waxed Super Blonde Shellac Flakes:
Everclear 190 Proof / 95%:
Medical Grade Ethanol:
200 Proof Ethanol 99.07%:
Coffee Grinder:
Glass Container Used for Shellac:
Bottles Used:
Jars Used:
Carnauba Wax:
Citrus Solvent:
Countertop Burner:
Kitchen Scale:
Paint Prep Wipes:
Grey Scotch-Brite Pads:
White Scotch-Brite Pads:

Thos Moser:
Walnut Stereo Stand:

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