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Swimming Pool Care eBook Overview & Walk Thru: On Sale Now for Only $9.99

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I wrote my eBook to bring all of my resources to you in an easy to find guide. The eBook has extensive video links to over 500 videos and the articles are meant to expand your knowledge so that you can easily take care of your pool. I have listed all of the sections in the eBook for you so that you get an idea of the material covered in the book. If you found my videos and website helpful you will really enjoy the eBook. It sells though paypal for a the low price of $9.99!

To order the eBook:

Section 1: Algae Treatment & Green Pool Clean-Up
Green Pool Clean-Up
Yellow Mustard Algae
Cloudy Pool Water
Green Pool & Yellow Algae Video Index

Section 2: Balancing Your Pool Water
Basic Pool Chemistry
Pool Chemical Video Index
Pool 101 for Rookies
How to Calculate Your Pool Size
BBB Method of Pool Care
Chemistry Video Index
How Long To Run Your Pool When You Add Chemicals
Pool Rx Mineral Technology
Bugs in Your Pool

Section 3: Pool Test Kits
Best Test Kit for Your Pool
Digital Water Testers
WaterLink Spin Touch
Water Testers Video Index

Section 4: Cleaning Tools
Basic Cleaning Equipment
Pool Cleaning Tools Video Index
T. Dula Service Cart

Section 5: Cleaning Tools Advanced Vacuum Systems
Vacuum Systems & Portable Filtration
Power Vac Vacuum System
Riptide Vacuum System
PORTAVAC by Advantage Manufacturing
Mini Vac II by Advantage Manufacturing
Portable Clean-Up Pump
Water Tech Pool Blaster Battery Powered Vacuum

Section 6: Cleaning Your Pool
Cleaning Your Pool Step by Step
Cleaning Your Pool After a Wind Storm
Easiest Way to Clean Leaves Out of Your Pool
How to Drain Water Out of your Pool
Pool Cleaning Video Index

Section 7: Automatic Pool Cleaners
Which Cleaner is Best For My Pool?
Automatic Cleaner Overview Video Index
Hayward Suction Side Cleaner Video Index
Hayward Cleaners Installation & Maintenance Video Index
Hayward Pressure Side Cleaners Video Index
Other Automatic Cleaners Video Index
Pentair Suction Side Cleaners Video Index
Pentair Cleaners Installation & Maintenance Video Index
Pentair Pressure Cleaners Video Index
Polaris Pool Cleaners Video Index
Polaris Cleaners Installation & Maintenance Video Index
Zodiac Suction Side Cleaners Video Index
Zodiac Cleaners Installation & Maintenance Video Index
Robotic Pool Cleaners
Robotic Pool Cleaners Video Index
Suction Side Pool Cleaner Canister
Solar-Breeze NX
The Skim Devil

Section 8: Variable Speed Pumps
Variable Speed Pumps
Variable Speed RPM & Run Time
Pentair Superflo VS
Variable Speed Pumps Video Index

Section 9: Filters & Pool Filtration
The Three Filter Types
D.E. Pool Filters
D.E. Pool Filters Video Index
How Much D.E. Do I Add?
Cartridge Pool Filters
Cartridge Pool Filters Video Index
Sand Pool Filters
Sand Pool Filters Video Index
Multi-Tork Filter Socket Tool

Section 10: Pool Equipment & Problems
High Pool Filter PSI
Replacing Your Pool Motor
Pump Not Working
Pump and Motor Video Index
Jandy JXi Pool & Spa Heater
Pool Heater Tips
Pool Equipment and Problems Video Index

Section 11: Pool Skimmer & Skimming Products
Skim Doctor 2.0
Gator Auto-Skim
Skimmer and Skimming Products Video Index
Solar Pool Covers

Section 12: Timers & Automated Systems
Intermatic Timers
Jandy iQPUMP01
Timers and Automated System Video Index

Section 13: Salt Water Pools
Salt Water Pool Truth & Myths
How to Check Your Pool's Salt Level
Salt Water Pool Video Index

Section 14: Metals, Stains & Scale in your Pool Water
Ascorbic Acid Treatment
Metals in Your Pool Water
Stain & Scale Video Index

Section 15: Money Saving Tips
Save Tons of Money on Your Pool Care
Money Saving Video Index

Section 16: So You Wanna Be a Pool Guy/Gal
How to Become a Pool Guy or Gal
General Liability Insurance
Starting A Pool Route Equipment and Supply List
Pool Guy/ Gal Video List

Section 17: Pool Construction & Pool Remodeling
Building or Remodeling a Pool
Pool Construction Video Index
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