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These Innovative and Inexpensive Pool Tools Are a Game Changer for Your Pool!

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Here are some must-have tools for your pool, all of them are useful and these will make your life a lot easier. I love these simple inventions because someone has to think of them!

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Hole In One Basket
02:56 Mickey’s Quick Coupler
05:56 Flood Plug
07:35 V.I.P. Spot Vac
08:46 Zodiac Manual Vacuum Head Adapter
10:01 Pole Pivot
11:36 Skim Buddy
13:42 Multi-Tork Socket Tools
15:57 Leaf Bone
17:34 Riptide Bottle Caddy

Hole In One Suction Cleaner Skimmer Basket:
The Hole in One Basket solves the problem of your pump basket clogging up with debris when you attach a Suction Side Automatic Cleaner to your skimmer. The idea is simple. The hole in the bottom allows the cleaner hose to slide through the basket and connect to the skimmer line. All surface debris is trapped in the Hole in One Basket just like a standard skimmer basket. A simple solution to a big problem. Keep the flow.

Mickey’s Quick Coupler:
Building 2- Piece Couplers
I make a 2-Piece Coupler that fits the Pentair and Hayward Salt cells. It goes on in a minute without cutting or replumbing. Takes longer to break/cut the old one off! I am making other sizes, for different applications. I get requests from repair folks to build more, so I will keep after it! I am working on 2 new couplers that will replace a Hayward 200 and the 3200 couplers. The pool repair guys have been asking for those 2.

Flood Plug:
Stops the flow of water while repairing a flooded plumbing system. Designed to temporarily seal off schedule 40 PVC Easily removed after plumbing repair is complete Tested to hold with four feet of static water head.

V.I.P Spot Vak:
With its concentrated velocity of suction, the V.I.P. Spot-Vak
captures all debris it comes in contact with. NOTHING GETS
AWAY. Unlike conventional vac heads which disperse leaves,
causing them to float away from the area being vacuumed, the
V.I.P. Spot-Vak will not create clouds when removing algae,
mud, DE powder, or sand. The innovative V-notch design on
the nozzle prevents the V.I.P. Spot-Vak from sticking fast to the
bottom of the pool.

Pole Pivot:
Pole Pivot has a rugged push button release mechanism that attaches to the end of any standard pole Adjust your brush angle to get better leverage. Pivot and lock any net, Brush or Vacuum Head into the optimum operating angle needed.

I love the Multi-Tork Filter Socket set and use it on all of my filters. They also make some other great tools for your filter cleaning and multi-purpose tools for pool equipment. Here are some videos featuring their great products and where to purchase them.

Leaf Bone:
Please measure your ladder – ONLY intended for In-Ground Pools with 1.9” steel ladders
It will not fit a 1.5” diameter ladder handrail
Fits most pool leaf rake nets - NOT INCLUDED
The clip is not designed for use with Above Ground Pool ladders
Pool water circulation moves leaves and debris into the leaf rake net

Skim Buddy:
The Skim Buddy designed by Frank Wall and sold through Frank Wall Enterprises is a great and simple solution for cleaning out your swimming pool skimmer. This product is designed to remove multiple types of skimmer lids with ease, no more getting on your knees or bending over. You can remove leaves, debris, and animals(frogs, snakes, mice, etc.) that occasionally find their way into the skimmer. If you have a swimming pool the Skim Buddy it will save you time and effort while also making the job of cleaning out the skimmer much easier.

Zodiac Manual Vacuum Head Adapter Hose R0697100:
Manual Vac Head Hose Adaptor, Zodiac Cleaner Accessories.

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