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What Speakers That Cost The Price of a House Sound Like | WIRED

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At $450-$500, the Sonos Era 300 is an enjoyable and reliable speaker for your home. But what does it sound like when you listen to a speaker that’s roughly the price of the home you put it in? The Wilson Chronosonic XVX is a $370,000 audio supertower of seven drivers stacked atop one another producing a spectrum of sound beyond the range of human hearing—literally providing more realistic detail than you could possibly hear. WIRED Luxury Gear Editor Jeremy White breaks down what that leap in price actually produces in audio quality, and the surprisingly intricate and impressive technology housed in both.

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Director: Anna O'Donohue

Director of Photography: Mateo Akira Notsuke

Editor: Louis Lalire

Host: Jeremy White

Senior Producer: Efrat Kashai

Creative Producer: Christie Garcia

Line Producer: Joe Buscemi

Associate Producer: Amy Haskour

Production Manager: Peter Brunette

Camera Operator: Sasha Novitskiy

Sound Mixer: Tom Morley

Production Assistant: Samuel Herbaut

Editorial Consultant: Chris Haslam

Photographer: Mitch Payne

Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin

Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant

Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen

Assistant Editor: Fynn Lithgow

Animation: Sam Fuller

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